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  I'm Eva, a girl living in Germany. At the moment i'm sitting in the living room of my parents.
My mum is sick of the music i'm hearing, beacause she want to watch tv. Normally she doesn't like
football, but today is the play which decides if Germany has the chance to play in the "viertel finale".
In about 10 minutes the play begins. I hope we will win.
Okay now about me. I'm 18 years old and i'm visting the high school. I'm in year 13, so next year
I will do my exams. woa! I think I should begin to learn. Maybe tomorow.
I also know what I will do after school. I want to study! I always wanted to study but since one year
I know that I want to do something with grafic, design, programing. yeah. I had Java in school
and I really liked to work with it. But the roots are deeper. When I was 14 I was in a community
for young peolpe, where everybody had a own homepage. I was willig to design my page as good as
possible. I used a site called "selfhtml" to extent my knowledge. It helped me a lot and if I
barely had questions there was my dad. He is a self-employmed IT-Profesional. He helps and motivates.
Yes, thats my way. Now I want to study "design & developement" at SAE Institute Frankfurt.
I'm really exited. This will be a new chapter in my life.

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